In the Kitchen

I would love to walk through my kitchen and just sigh.  You notice I said "walk through".  I love aesthetics, I don't really enjoy the kitchen's purpose, I just want to walk through and appreciate it's beauty.  I'm ready for a kitchen makeover.

A few years after I moved into this house I began a kitchen renovation, the plan was bead board and chair rail with wall paper above, painted cabinets and wood floors.  The cabinets are pine with a natural finish and the island I purchased is also pine.  After I married, my husband and I worked on the renovation together.

The bead board wainscot and trim has been painted a light yellow and the walls are wallpapered above in mint green and the original built in corner cabinet was backed with bead board and also painted light yellow.  Since then we have added a pantry cabinet to the right of the fridge which still stands unpainted and a natural oak parquet floor.

Looking toward the craft room
 (the sign above the coat rack says "Martha doesn't live here and that's a good thing)
The green on the corner posts is carpet, underneath it is wood clawed to death by our furry pets.  My husband spent hours trimming those posts.

Looking toward the den

Took these in the morning with hubby just in from snow blowing the driveway.  The kitchen is a mess, probably what really moved me to write this post.  Above the island is a vintage iron door mat that we converted to a pot rack.

What I would like the kitchen to look like is this:

I could walk through this kitchen and definitely appreciate it's beauty.  It's the mix of painted and stained wood that I like, the bead board door fronts, the cabinetry that looks more like furniture. I like the moss green paint that has been glazed with chocolate.  I've had this photo on one of my Pinterest boards for a long time and it continues to be my inspiration for the kitchen make over. Hubby worked for a cabinet maker for many years and he assures me that we can achieve this look with the cabinetry we have.  

The kitchen is on my punch list for 2014 so I'll keep you up to date on any progress we make.

What do you think of the inspiration for our kitchen makeover?

Keep calm and dream on!



  1. I am sure that you and your husband can do this. I particullarly love the way the over the cabinet space is used in the moss green cabinets. It looks so neat. Let me know when it's done Val so that I can see.

  2. Thanks for the vote of confidence!