Pin keep

Pin keeps or pin cushions are used to store straight pins and sewing needles.  Most are weighted in some fashion. According to Victorian folklore, a tomato placed in a new home would bring prosperity, if a tomato was not to be had one was made from a ball of fabric. The most popular form of a pincushion to this day is the tomato.

A little history lesson and you may ask "what's that got to do with Valerys Gallery?"

I created a pin keep in the shop today!  The thought was in my head last week when I spotted and purchased a sweet little 5 1/2 inch oval porcelain frame.  It would make an adorable pin keep.  Here's a picture of the frame.

No glass and no backing, just an oval frame.

I added a poof of blue faux suede stuffed with batting to the center, circled it with some of my sweet grandmother's pop beads (my grandmother wore pop beads to bed every night, she was a very glamorous lady) and interspersed a few blue glass beads.  I added a lace and crochet flower (from Michael's) to the top, wrapped the base with ribbons and added some rosebuds. A piece of felt was added to the bottom.  And ta-da!

A sweetly, shabby pin keep.  It won't bring the prosperity of a tomato pincushion but will dress up any sewing room don't you think?

Keep calm and craft on!


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